CEO Minoru Tsunoda
Foundation 5/6/2010
Capital 14,500,000 JPY
Business outline development and production of nippers
design development, production, and selling of working tools
Location headquators: 1535-5, Yoshida Shimonakano, Tsubame, Niigata, 959-0215
service office: 2171, Tsukanome, Sanjo, Niigata, 955-0055
Bank account Hokuetsu Bank
Partner company Tsunoda Co., Ltd. Kiwami Co., Ltd.

Greetings from CEO

We develop our tools with three kinds of thought.

  1. Our tool enables to work effectively.
  2. Our tool enables to work easily.
  3. Our tool enables to work pleasantly.

we keep developing our tools as long as our customers want.
We think those tools are necessary.

We have continually improved our tool to work efficiently, easily, and pleasantly by adding new function, feature and performance.
We believe that we can meet our customers’ expectation by developing dream-tools that they can truly enjoy their work and hobby.

The keyword is “Ultimate”.

We define that ultimate tools as “innovative tools with brand-new function, feature and performance”.
We always question ourselves whether the tools now we develop deserve to be called “ultimate”?
If not, we should not keep developing those ordinal tools.
If so, if the tools deserve it, we are willing to try developing those tools to be ultimate in real sense.

Our motivation is the customers’ brilliant smile when they use our tools.
So that we directly communicate with customers in the process of designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling our ultimate tools.

We will work on the development of our tools based on the belief that “our tools make customer’s hand GodHand”.

Minoru Tsunoda